Today our bodies, particularly our bones, are burdened with one to two thousands times the level of lead that our ancestors carried. As recently as seven hundred years ago (prior to the industrialized age) human skeletal remains contained very low levels of lead. Once the earth’s crust was disturbed through mining, much higher levels of lead were released into our food and air.

In a previous episode, Episode 13, we looked at the burden imposed by the heavy metal mercury on the body. Today we will discuss Heavy Metals Part II: Lowering Your Lead Burden. Problems associated with a heavy lead burden in adults include cancer and heart related problems, while children are more vulnerable to brain-related damage.

In this episode we address a different issue of the multi-faceted detoxification theme. Overall, by using the detoxification process to lower our toxic burdens, we can increase our performance. Future episodes will address other metals and chemicals that can affect us.

We now can relate to its adverse effects on every tissue in our body, we know that it’s causing stress on the heart, stress on the kidney. And across the board, there is no tissue in your body that is exempt from the adverse effects of lead.

– Dr. Garry Gordon

Today’s expert has over 55 years of experience as a practicing physician, and possesses an infectious energy and vitality that sets him apart. He is an internationally recognized expert on chelation therapy. Dr. Garry Gordon has received both a DO degree and a honorary MD degree. He was the Medical Director of Mineral Lab, is Co-Founder of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) and Board Member of International Oxidative Medicine Association (IOMA).

The show notes, biomarkers, and links to the apps, devices and labs and everything else mentioned are below. Enjoy the show and let me know what you think in the comments!

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Show Notes

  • The body may be fooled into mistaking lead for zinc. Zinc supports key metabolic steps, while lead does not (3:15).
  • All tissues in the body are susceptible to lead (5:40).
  • Lead’s toxic properties play a role in: increased free radical damage; preventing the body’s ability to use oxygen; chronic fatigue; depression; and impaired judgement (7:09).
  • In published data, higher levels of lead found in the bone are related to an increased rate of heart attacks. (11:00).
  • Genetics play a role in one’s capacity to clear heavy metals. Diet also has a tremendous influence on the ability to clear heavy metals (12:20).
  • Bones take 15 years to remodel. As bones remodel, lead contained in the bone is released into the blood. If chelations are being given, then the lead levels being treated are low because lead is being chelated out. Dr. Garry Gordon, however, cautions that the problem is not solved, despite the apparent low level of lead (18:29).
  • Discussion of EDTA begins (20:20).
  • Dr. Garry Gordon wishes people would look at EDTA as being no different than taking Vitamin C (21:37).
  • In over 30 years, Dr. Garry Gordon has not gone a day without oral chelation (22:02).
  • EDTA is an anti-oxidant able, perhaps, to prevent cross-linkages related to free radicals (22:43).
  • The Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT) was based on Dr. Garry Gordon’s protocols. He states these protocols have been followed safely by over 10 million people (24:50).
  • Benefits discovered looking at TACT data included: 51% reduction in death among diabetics; lowered hypertension; and improved blood flow (25:20).
  • Dr. Garry Gordon strives to teach people about oxidative therapies as there is a current over-emphasis in anti-oxidants; he believes more of a balance is needed (29:42).
  • ASEA water is not illegal or considered doping by the Olympic Committee. Dr. Garry Gordon points out that the Committee had to meet because so many athletes were consuming it and beating their own records (31:05).
  • Safe redox signaling molecules enable the body to turn on SOD and catalase (33:40).
  • The human population is loaded with polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) (38:19).
  • Dr. Garry Gordon discusses his FIGHT for health principle: Food and positive focus, Infection, Genetics, Heavy metals and hormones, Toxins (45:10).
  • Through ozone, vitamin C, silver, and other methods, Dr. Garry Gordon believes he can reduce the inflammation associated with common infections, such as CMV, to a “dull roar” (46:50).
  • Discussion of the reactive protein hs-CRP and inflammation (50:30).
  • Everyone needs both an anti-oxidant and oxidant.For instance, Dr. Garry Gordon discusses using a very strong stable reductant (Zeolite Enhanced) and following with a stable oxidant (ASEA water) (52:55).
  • Dr. Garry Gordon routinely tracks biomarkers to monitor and improve his health, longevity and performance. He says that, at one point or another, he has tried them all in the process of formalizing the entire anti-aging process. Dr. Garry Gordon believes the cost of biomarker tests and the use of better biomarkers will change very quickly and soon.
  • Dr. Garry Gordon’s biggest recommendation is to exercise: “it’s the poor man’s oxidative therapy”.

Damien’s Heavy Metal Testing

  • In 2014, using DSMA in a Doctor’s Data’s post-provocation urine test, results indicated Damien was high in lead, arsenic, and thallium. Damien’s post-provocation urine results (10/12/14)
  • Damien attributes high arsenic levels from consumption of chicken and rice while living in China and Asia.
  • Damien attributes high thallium levels from contaminated food consumed while living in Chengdu, West China, where high thallium has been documented in pollution.
  • The Quicksilver Scientific’s Mercury Speciation test was also performed. This test demonstrates the body’s natural excretion abilities for Mercury. Damien’s results (50% to 75%) were higher then normal levels. The test also indicated his ability to detoxify mercury was slightly depressed. Damien’s Mercury results (01/31/15). For a complete discussion of this Mercury test see Episode 13 with Chris Shade of Quicksilver.
  • To detoxify and for detoxification support Damien uses: PectaClear, Quicksilver Scientific’s IMD intestinal cleanse, Clear Way Cofactors, alpha lipoic acid, SE-methyl L-selenocysteine, and an FDA regulated drug, Radiogardase.
  • Damien will retest once every six months to confirm effectiveness of chelators.

Dr. Garry Gordon

  • The Gordon Research Institute: Dr. Garry Gordon’s main website.
  • Doctor’s Data: Dr. Garry Gordon was a co-developer of Mineral Lab, a laboratory for trace mineral analysis, and eventually bought by Doctor’s Data.
  • American College for Advancement in Medicine: Originally to teach chelation, Dr. Garry Gordon co-founded the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM).
  • Detox with Oral Chelation: Co-authored by Dr. Garry Gordon detailing EDTA chelation therapy.
  • 507 published papers: A list of 507 published references compiled by Dr. Garry Gordon on EDTA and lead levels.
  • Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT): The NIH study for which Dr. Garry Gordon wrote the test protocol. In this study, chelation with EDTA was compared to a placebo in patients who had experienced a myocardial infarction. There were certain high-risk cohorts (such as patients with diabetes mellitus) where the evidence for the use of clinical EDTA was substantiated.

Tools & Tactics


  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: A chelator taken by Damien.
  • Asea: a non-toxic way to increase glutathione production. Glutathione is able to deal with the heavy metals. Dr. Garry Gordon would use this very stable oxidant, following using a reductant.
  • Clear Way Cofactors: Damien uses this to provide detoxification support. This product contains Selenomethionine.
  • EDTA: EDTA: stands for ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. This molecule is a synthetic man-made amino acid that is a non-specific chelator with a high affinity to lead.
  • Garlic: A natural chelator.
  • IMD – Intestinal Cleanse: Damien uses this to specifically target mercury for detoxification.
  • Modified Citrus Pectin: Made from modified citrus pectin with alginate, this target specific chelator is used by Damien. This chelator avoids creating mineral deficiencies by not interfering with other non-targeted minerals (e.g. calcium, zinc, or copper).
  • Radiogardase: Regulated by the FDA, is used to target radioactive cesium and thallium with prussian blue.
  • SE methyl L selenocysteine: A selenium form able to bind well to mercury and offer a protective effect.
  • Zeolite Enhanced: Dr. Garry Gordon would use this very strong stable reductant and follow with a stable oxidant.


  • Far Infrared Sauna: A type of sauna that uses light to create heat. Different from a traditional sauna, which uses heat to warm the air, which then warms the body. An infrared sauna heats the body directly without warming the surrounding air. Infrared saunas still result in the sweating and elevated heart rate associated with traditional saunas; however, an infrared sauna is able to produce these effects at lower temperatures.
  • Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field: Works by restoring the body’s natural electro-magnetic energy resulting in boosted cell metabolism, regeneration of blood cells, and improvement of circulation and oxygen carrying capacity.



  • Blood Lead: Measured in micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood (μg/dL). Blood lead has a half-life of 30 days, thus is typically used to asses more acute lead exposures.
  • Bone Lead: Measured in parts per million (ppm). The amount of lead in the bone is an established biomarker for cumulative lead exposures and has been correlated with adverse health effects on various body systems.
  • hs-CRP (high sensitivity C-Reactive Protein): A marker of inflammation. In this episode, Dr. Garry Gordon notes hs-CRP may or may not be a sensitive enough marker of inflammation as it depends on the location and type of inflammation. Damien typically has a very low number, despite high inflammation in other areas. C-reactive protein is discussed previously in, Episode 7, for tracking cardiovascular risk.
  • Oxidative Reduction Potential (ORP): A negative value indicates a reductant, while a positive value indicates an oxidant. Currently ORP is able to be measured by meters available online. Ideally, Dr. Garry Gordon would like to find a meter that can be placed in the urine to measure the level of oxidants.
  • Urine Lead: Measure in micrograms of lead present in urine per gram of creatinine present (mcg/g). A comparison of these both before and after chelation therapy is used as a lead exposure indicator. Less than 2mcg/g is optimal.
  • Vitamin C: When the body has excess vitamin C, the body will urinate vitamin C out. In high doses vitamin C is a chelator, thus if vitamin C is being urinated out, vitamin C will be chelating heavy metals and other toxins along with it.


  • Catalase: Intracellular enzyme that coverts hydrogen peroxide into water.
  • Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE): Originally used in a wide variety of products as flame retardants. Now nearly all tested individuals have at least trace levels of this and other flame retardants in their bodies.
  • Redox signaling molecules: Molecules such as ozone and hydrogen peroxide.
  • SOD (superoxide dismutase): An antioxidant enzyme found within cells that converts a super oxide radical into hydrogen peroxide and molecular oxygen.
  • Zeolites: Are both naturally occurring and synthetically produced. This aluminosilicate structure has large empty spaces within its structure able to attract positively-charged ions and is a chelator.

Lab Tests, Devices and Apps

  • 23andMe genetic testing: Mentioned in this episode. This test has also been mentioned in Episode 5, Episode 9, Episode 14, and Episode 16.
  • CA profile: A test used by Dr. Gordon to detect cancer years prior to the presentation of “lumps or bumps”. The Cancer Profile is a composite of 8 tests looking at detectable biochemical changes occurring within the body when undergoing a cancerous state transformation.
  • Coronary Calcium Scan (Heart scan): A noninvasive test mentioned by Dr. Garry Gordon, able to measure the amount of calcium present in the plaques deposits of artery walls. The amount of calcium in plaques can be used to calculate a score.
  • K-shell X-ray fluorescence (KXRF): This approach is very accurate and the standard way to access lead amounts in bone. This approach, however, has limited widespread use, and is only found in research labs.
  • Mercury Quicksilver Scientific: involves mercury speciation testing to separate methyl mercury from inorganic mercury, and measure each directly. Damien’s test results may be found under the show notes.
  • Mineral Hair Elements Test: Provides information regarding recent and ongoing exposure to potentially toxins. Dr Garry Gordon cautions this is not an indicator of lead present within the bone.
  • Urinary Toxic Metal Test: A test from Doctor’s Data looking at numerous metals present in the urine. To evaluate retention, the level of metals in urine comparing pre and post administration of a metal detoxification agent are used. Examples of agents are DMSA (meso 2,3-dimercaptosuccinic acid) and DMPS (2,3-dimercapto-1-propane sulfonic acid). Dr. Garry Gordon mentions, this type of test serves to provoke mobilizable lead in the body. Damien’s test results may be found under the show notes.
  • VitaChek-C: A test mentioned by Dr. Garry Gordon to test the vitamin C levels in urine.

Other People, Books & Resources


  • Johan Bjorksten Ph.D.: World famous work on cross-linking as an underlying mechanism of aging. He has done work indicating that EDTA is able to reverse cross-linkages in tissue.
  • L. Ron Hubbard: The founder of the Church of Scientology, is credited by Dr. Garry Gordon for his initial protocols on infrared sauna therapies.
  • Barney Kolata: An employee in the smelting case, uncovered by Dr. Garry Gordon in Sacramento, who, despite doing the most work with molten lead, had one of the lowest levels of lead among the employees. Dr. Garry Gordon attributes this to Mr. Kolata’s Japanese diet.
  • Gervasio Lamas M.D.: Dr. Garry Gordon mentions Dr. Lamas is raising 30 to 40 million dollar to do another study (similar to the TACT). Dr. Lamas is the Chairman of Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center.
  • Philip Landrigan M.D.: Head of the Department of Preventative Medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. His research focuses on toxic chemicals in the environment and their effects on children’s health and development.
  • Christiane Northrup M.D.: Friend of Dr. Garry Gordon, and has studied the impact of pueraria mirifica in menopause.
  • Linus Pauling: A close friend of Dr. Garry Gordon and the reason he takes 12 to 16 grams of vitamin C.
  • David Perlmutter M.D.: Dr. Gordon discusses a youtube video of Dr. Perlmutter administering glutathione to a patient with Parkinson’s disease.
  • Robert Rowen M.D.: Along with Dr. Garry Gordon, brought International Oxidative Medicine Association (IOMA) to the world.
  • Garry Samuelson Ph.D.: Works to stabilize nanoparticle structures. He discovered that components, now in ASEA, are stable redox signaling complexes.
  • David Servan-Schreiber M.D./Ph.D.: Diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 31, underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy only to have it return. He then used his medical and scientific background to find a solution through diet.
  • James Watson: Co-discoverer of the double-helix.


  • Biological Aging Measurements: Written 20 years ago by Dr. Garry Gordon’s good friend, Dr. Ward Dean, on how one can gain insight, through physical examination, into their individual rate of deterioration.


  • Cytomegalovirus (CMV): Detectable through a simple blood test according to Dr. Garry Gordon, yet many doctors ignore active CMV and its contribution to inflammation.
  • Pueraria Mirifica: An herb found in Thailand that Dr. Garry Gordon, in conjugation with Chulalongkorn University, has shown to have positive indications in prevention of broken bones.
  • Toxic Hot Seat: The HBO documentary based on the Chicago Tribune’s investigation of fraudulent flame retardants.

Full Interview Transcript

Click Here to Read Transcript
[Damien Blenkinsopp]: Welcome to the Quantified Body, Dr. Gordon.

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: Thank you.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: It’s a real pleasure to have you here. I’ve been following your work for a long time indeed. Can we start off with, is lead a toxin, and if it is, why, and how does it damage us?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: Well the answer is, yes. If you look at the periodic table, lead is able to fool the body into thinking it is supplying good things, like zinc, and the net result is lead does not support the key metabolic steps that things like zinc do support.
With the end result that lead, even in extremely minute quantities, is absolutely a negative effect on our health, and we are all loaded with a minimum of one to two thousand times the level of lead in our bone, that was present just 700 year ago.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: Wow. Have there been biopsies or things like studies that have quantified the amount of lead in tissues, or in bone?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: We have studies telling you every tissue, from the back of your eye to your toenails to your hair, there’s a part, everything has been tested, and the level is known. And it’s different from tissue to tissue, and of course it will be different in people who have impaired ability to push toxins out, or people who have increased exposure because of a life where they work with lead paint, or they’re a welder, or many other occupations that give people lead as part of their job.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: Great, great. So you just described a mechanism for how lead is a toxin. You were describing how the body believes that lead is zinc, or one of the other metabolites, one of the other minerals that it uses in its functions and its cells. And when it does so, it’s putting it into enzymes, and different areas of the body, and those parts of our body stop functioning. Is that a correct way of looking at it?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: That’s a very clear and succinct way, yes.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: Oh, great, great. Are there other ways in which it does that? So besides basically stopping at parts of our bodies from working which I think we can all understand that we don’t want parts of our body to stop working, or to start working in the wrong way does it create oxidative stress, or does it do anything else while it’s in the body?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: It has many mechanisms by which it is doing the poisoning of our ability to use oxygen. It increases free radical related damage. It’s a toxin on many levels.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: Great, thank you very much. So, what are the typical health conditions that you have linked through your work, or you’ve seen in your experience, that particular lead toxicity tends to lead to?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: Well, initially we always thought of it as it related to damaging nerve function, with neuropathy and numbness, tingling, impaired judgment, depression. But as time has gone on, we now can relate to its adverse effects on every tissue in our body, so that we know that it’s causing stress on the heart, stress on the kidney. And across the board, there is no tissue in your body that is exempt from the adverse effects of lead.
And it’s hard for people to understand that you, in your body, store lead primarily in bones. So therefore, if I do on you a blood test, a urine test, or a hair mineral test, and I come back and say, “Gee, it doesn’t look any worse than anybody else.” Because we all have some lead. You cannot find a human being that is free of lead.

But if I say you don’t look like you’re particularly lead poisoned, I am giving you very misleading advice. Because only Harvard has done these studies, because it takes a very special instrument to non-invasively, instead of doing calcium in your bones, which is bone density, instead to do lead density, using specialized equipment that I think we only have about six setters in the United States, who can do this test.

But, when they do it, they are able to confirm that what you see in the lead in the bone is not accurately reflected in urine, hair, or blood, with a net result that people are being erroneously mislead into thinking that lead toxicity is not one of the reasons for their chronic fatigue, their impaired judgment, their depression, their weakened heart. And across the board, it’s really sad that the average doctor still thinks that lead in the hair, or blood, or urine is enough of a test. And it’s not.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: Right. So there you’re referring to, in functional medicine we often use the urinary metals test. So what we’re looking at, the metals that are coming out your urine. And sometimes then we’ll do the post chelation test.

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: Yes.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: So using something like DMSA, or DMPS, and then taking urine sample to see that. So, do you see any purpose in that test? Do you think it’s relevant, in terms of just lead? If we’re talking about right now, is this something that you use with your patients? Is there any way that you approach quantifying? Is it with that test, or do you use something else?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: I was the co-developer of the laboratory called Mineral Lab, which we sold many years ago to Doctor’s Data, and I had offices in Europe and Asia and across America, from the east to the west coast. So, I loved tests, because without tests, the patient has no way of knowing what’s going on, nor does the doctor. My only problem is that there’s always a limitation into how accurate tests are.

So, a provoked urine test by chelation has served in a fantastic way to help millions of people, because a provoked specimen wakes you up to the mobilizable lead in the patient’s body. And that number will help motivate the patient and, when necessary, the patient’s employer, into doing the needed health care.

I’m looking now at a different dimension, since I will be 80 years of age very shortly. I’m looking more at the effect on longevity, and the subtle effects that are not readily appreciable unless you take the time to read the published data, which is published in journals like the Journal of the AMA, but that doesn’t mean anybody reads it.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: Right, right. So, in terms of, I mean we’re very interested in longevity on the Quantified Body, so I’d be interested in your own, I don’t know if you do this, if you do your own post chelation urine, is yours very low levels of lead, for example? Or do you still have some of that? And I understand that, obviously, you’re looking at body reserves as well, when you’re talking about in the bone, for instance, for your longevity.

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: So, an answer to that, first of all on my own tests, because I was born sick. I just happened to have reviewed my medical records from many years ago from the Mayo Clinic, because I have spent many years being extremely ill. And so, in medical school, I, because I could not go up a flight of steps without going into early heart failure, in my earlier training in school I was forbidden from being in active sports because my heart was quite obviously not up to any and significant activity.

So my level of lead, mercury, and cadmium has been a life-time challenge, because I understand that it takes 15 years for bones to remodel. And therefore, I tell everybody that since you can do the data, before the industrialized age, which roughly starts 700 years ago, the level of lead widely published in skeletal remains is extremely low, until we start doing the mining and disturbing the earth’s crust. And that’s when we bring the lead into our food and air.

Now, in terms of what’s optimal treatment for a patient, if you look at the published data that shows that, right out of Harvard, that the level of lead in your bone accurately predicts when you’ll go blind with your cataracts. And that the higher the level of lead in your bone leads to six times increased heart attack rate.

So, the problem is, we can’t suddenly have a large number of these expensive instruments available, and it wouldn’t change things very much, because there aren’t any people that aren’t born with lead, mercury, etc. because it’s widely documented that your body, as a baby, is rapidly growing, and, in a sense, serves as a waste basket for the mother’s body. So it’s now widely known.

If you look at the 10 American Study, where they took 10 Americans at random and looked at DDT, and PCB, and dioxane, polybrominated diphenyl ethers. When you look at published data, in general you can be certain that whatever level you found of a heavy metal in the mother will be at least twice that in the child. And so therefore, it becomes interesting to know what was the mother’s occupation?

And when we realize how much lead paint we were using at one point, the causes of where we get all these heavy metals are sometimes obscure. And in addition to that you have quite different capabilities on a genetic level for some people to clear the heavy metals they may be born with, or work with, much more effectively. Their diet, of course, has tremendous influence.

I, as a researcher in the field of heavy metals, I’ve uncovered many amazing stories with patients whose life has been virtually wasted because nobody ever thought to look for heavy metals.

And I can take an example of a young girl, about 15 years of age that happened to be in a study that I was doing on behalf of the University in Canada. They wanted to determine to what extent Shell Oil was poisoning people downwind when they were taking the sour gas and turning it into sweet gas with tremendous levels of the toxic metals being released into the air.

As a result of our laboratory being given the contract to do that study, this young lady had a cadmium level in her hair that was off the scale. She was not my patient, but it became my ethical obligation to chase her down. She turned out to be in McGill, and they were about ready to treat her for some rare form of malignancy that they couldn’t identify, and they were sure they were going to start chemo. And I told them if they start chemo she would be dead instantly, and that her death would be on their head. And so they backed off.
And I was able to, in her case, find the buried nickel-cadmium batteries that some bad people had deposited near the water intake to the facility that she was living in. And I have stories, like a whole household of people poisoned with mercury because the grandmother was storing mercury in an open container in the kitchen where all the kitchen towels were.

But the stories go on, and on.

We find what you look for, and since my interest at age 80 is how long should we be physically still active and healthy, and I really like the idea that that should be 100 years. And I would therefore like to help people understand that since you cannot suck all the lead out of your bone, the bone is going to take 15 years to remodel.

And so during that 15 years as your bones are remodeling, should you be lucky enough to meet a doctor who tells you that oral chelation works extremely well. I have published the book, and it’s in all the bookstores, Detox with Oral Chelation. And yet, doctors hardly tell people about it.

Just a high dose of vitamin C alone is a chelator. And if you’re taking 4, 8, or 10, or 12 grams, Linus Pauling was my close friend, so I liked 12 to 16 grams. But whatever you’re taking, if you’re urinating C out in good quantities in your urine, which is a 20 cent test on a piece of paper called VitaChek, if you’re urinating a lot of C out, that C will be chelating heavy metals and other toxins with it. So my obligation, if I’m going to help mankind enjoy a higher level of health when we get older, is to make us aware that this is a ubiquitous problem.

And obviously in some people it is the main problem. The man comes to me, he’s been welding for 30, 40 years, and his lead levels are off the scale. Those are pretty open and shut, but it’s really amazing how in one case I uncovered a smelting function in Sacramento.

They had about 30 or 40 employees, many had been in the hospital repeatedly, many times, at Kaiser and other hospitals in Sacramento. And they would be sick for two, three weeks. They’d be treated and sent home. No one ever made the diagnosis.
And when I did, by coincidence, my nurse, her husband was one of those employees and I said, well bring his hair in. And then I got it, and it was off the scale. I did a few other people, but what was interesting is that Barney Kolata, who was the guy doing the most work with the molten lead, was Japanese, and he never gave up his early Japanese diet. And he had one of the lowest levels of lead out of the entire employees. Whereas one of the secretaries working at the computer in the distant office living on sugar and Sweet’N Lows and coffee had one of the highest levels.

So it’s really interesting the influence of diet and genetics on how well you handle these heavy metals. But it’s an important part of, I think, of anti-aging, or any kind of medicine, to make people aware that yes, it may be the main problem that you’ve come to me with.

And when we look at the amount of mercury in many people’s mouths, when you just open their mouth, it’s pretty clear that they have a toxic time bomb in their mouth. And yet at the same time, some people handle it better than other people. But across the board, no one is escaping without a negative effect on their body.

But we have to settle for the fact that all tests have their limitations, and it makes it easy because people have to spend their own money doing this detoxification. And therefore, they’re entitled to have the best data we can give them. How full was your tank when you came to me, and how effective was I at getting your tank empty of lead, or mercury, or something.

And what’s so sad about all of that is that, very simply put, we can show you that if I take that welder, and I have him get 100 chelations, and at the end of 100 IV chelations he’s excreting almost no lead. What is amazing is, I knew that I didn’t want to put him back to welding, and so he was with a big company so we put him in an air-conditioned office to do paper-shuffling.

But at the end of six months, I brought him back and did another provoked chelation test. And this time after receiving over 100 chelations and telling me how fantastically good he felt, he was a brand new man. But at the end of six months with that provoked specimen, it was 90% as bad as it was before I gave him 100 chelations.

And this is what’s so sad. I am having trouble getting people to understand that just because you’ve chelated somebody, and they feel fantastic and the lead levels being treated are low, you have not solved the problem.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: So, this is because, as I understand it, as the bones remodel, the lead is coming out into the blood again, and then you see the visible levels and it comes out of the urine as it’s getting chelated again. So, as you were saying, it takes 15 years for that to happen so, basically as I understand it, you’re saying that we have to be chelating every day or like with IV once a week, or whatever the regime is constantly because it’s going to constantly be refilling your blood stream as time goes on.

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: Exactly. And the thing that we have to make clear is that I took the time to put 507 published references from doctors in industrial medicine, who work with lead workers, who had actually published the data that all EDTA will bring lead levels down, even if you’re working with lead daily, to safe levels for most workers. Again, my website, 507 published papers.

Oral works, and yet 99% of doctors tell patients that it will not work. And it’s misleading. If you tell people there’s something they can do orally, and if technically vitamin C and EDTA are almost the same price range.

So why make a big deal out of it if EDTA was shown by Johan Bjorksten, back in Madison, Wisconsin, where I am born and raised and he’s a world expert on cross-linkages. He showed that multicultural organisms, called rotifers, dipped in EDTA every day lived a minimum of 50% longer than any rotifers not so treated.

So the message is loud and clear. In my mind, no one today is achieving the health span they might have achieved because we are ignoring this obvious problem.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: So, for listeners at home, what is EDTA, and what does it do?
[Dr. Garry Gordon]: Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. I kind of make a joke out of it, because acetic acid is another way of saying vinegar, so I tell people I’m you’re handy dandy grocer. But the facts are that EDTA has been used by companies like Chick-fil-A to keep the coleslaw fresh. It’s part of our diet; they buy it by the railroad carload.
And so people are hearing that it’s a synthetic molecule. You could call it a synthetic man-made amino acid. Some people are going to run away from it, and that’s their prerogative. We can do good chelation with garlic, and vitamin C, and there are many natural chelators out there.

It’s only that EDTA happens to have a really high affinity and is so specific in lead it is not that specific with mercury but at the same time, it has these documented studies, because I have pulled every published paper that involved EDTA with a professional researcher for over 20 years, and I pulled over 7,000 papers. So I know a great deal about EDTA, and I really wish that we could have people look at is as being not any different than taking vitamin C.

Ascorbic acid, acetic acid, the point is that EDTA is doing things that can help forgive what we have done to our planet when, out of necessity, we started mining. And when we started mining, we put things in the air, and it winds up in our bodies. And it is not allowing us to live to, what I think, is my intended useful lifespan, which is why, for over 30 years I haven’t gone a day without oral chelation.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: Wow. So, when you’re talking about EDTA, is this something you’re taking like twice a day? What kind of dose of EDTA are you taking daily, and can you explain what it’s actually doing? Is it binding specifically to lead, or is it binding to other things? And is there any safety concerns in terms of it binding to other things, say minerals that we do need?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: Thank you for a great question. Because I took on this obligation, I have researched that EDTA is a non-specific chelator. It’s not going to deal with just lead. When it is bored and there’s not much lead around to work with, it will grab mercury too.

And across the board, when we look at what it is doing in the body, it seems to be a wonderful anti-oxidant. So it seems to prevent cross-linkages that may be free radical related. And on children, babies particularly, I love putting EDTA into the bathtub.

We’ve had some people like to put it in rectal suppositories, which I have nothing against other than I want that to be done on a factual basis. I see nothing to support that it’s better absorbed at the rectum than it is at the mouth. And if you’re going to be doing it every day for 15 years, I think it gets tiresome to put it in the rectum every day.

But bottom line, we can use zeolite as a chelator. We use vitamin C. There are many things that we use. But EDTA, because there’s so many published papers about it, and it’s what we wound up using in the study, which was called the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy, where we did spend 31 million dollars of NIH funds.

And it’s really important to understand that most people who read NJAMA, the TACT trial, the Trial to Assess Chelation was supposed to put all the chelation doctors out of business for once and for all. And it was a pretty shocking thing when it came back that it was in fact safe, and effective. But, they have done everything they can to keep how safe it was from the general public.

And we have now taken the time to get the raw data, and find that in fact there’s a 51% reduction in death, in diabetics. And the data is so persuasive that we have had another visit. Gervasio Lamas, the head of the Miami Heart Institute, is taking on the burden of raising another 30 or 40 million to do another study, because the data is that substantial that even the FDA says if you do one more study, we will approve this as a treatment for diabetics.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: Wow. This study was specifically done on EDTA, or is it on other chelators?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: That was, and let’s make it very clear. The Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy was based on the protocol that I wrote. It was I, Garry Gordon that took it on myself to write the protocol that over 10 million people have followed safely without a single reported fatality ever, using my protocol.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: And, besides the diabetes benefit you just remarked, were there other benefits that were discovered?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: Every possible benefit from lowering hypertension to getting feet warmer, to stopping intermittent claudication to improving blood flow to the brain, memory. I mean, anything that’s tied to blood flow, because think of it, the cheapest test you might do would be a calicium measurement of the patient’s coronary arteries.

And if we can just realize that age 60 we have 140 times more calcium in our vascular tissues than we did at age 20. And so we gradually turn to stone, so there’s good reason to tie the entire aging process. In fact, I tell people that as an anti-aging doctor, I focus first on a simple motto. I want you to have strong bones and soft arteries when you’re 80.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: That makes a lot of sense. And you certainly sound very energetic. You say you’re 80 years old right now. Are you 80 years old?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: Not until January 3rd. I have another two weeks reprieve there.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: Okay, that’s pretty much the same thing. I would just like to ask you, personally, how do you feel these days, how active are you? You mentioned that at one time it was difficult to walk up stairs. How does that compare to the situation today?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: Well, I just yesterday was jogging on the golf course with my two dogs at 5:30 at night, trying to find out how can I tell the rest of the world how great it is at age 80 to be healthier than I have been in my entire life. And so just coincidentally I was looking for some papers today, and there it was, my old medical files. And there fell out because I’ve had so much heart problems, so much bone, I have had advanced osteopenia. The list of problems I had is so long, that I got bored reading my medical history.
But, the point is, that I was a basket case, and it was interesting that I would up seeing all these doctors at Mayo Clinic. Which, it’s always good to see the best mainstream doctors you can, because although they didn’t help me one iota, it at least documents where you were. And it’s really interesting because I really wound up seeing them because of a minor accident. Riding my horse I got bucked off, got a fracture of the ankle. Turns out, I had osteopenia.

And I have very advanced, an underdeveloped testicle, and other problems. I have a lot of health issues. But it was amazing that age 80, I feel today better than I have in my lifetime. I just want to share with others that it’s more important in my mind because I still drive the same car after 10 or 11 years I’d rather drive the same car and spend whatever I save on my body.

Because it’s not free to take care of yourself. I spend a lot of money taking care of me. And a lot of people would rather think that it’s nonsense. And so all that’s going to change as the tests for how old we are become much more widely available and increasing sensitive. We’ve been dealing with rather insensitive monitors to tell you exactly how old you are.
But I can motivate people today to take care of themselves because many people are either worried about losing their memory, or dying of a heart attack, or dying of cancer. So it’s not that hard to go online and do some pretty good memory tests today.

It’s very easy today to do calcium scoring and other tests of your heart to know what’s going on. And in terms of cancer, I’ve been lucky enough to find a that has been, fortunately, finding cancer three or four years before the lump or bumps, so I can motivate people to keep their tests in really a good safe range.

But the ideal test is going to come very soon. Because we are getting into the day and age that the price of tests continues to drop, and the number of potential tests you do on people continues to expand, and pretty well. I’m confident within two years we’ll have tests that will tell you, within a month of introducing a new modality into your diet change and exercise.

I’m now having fun teaching people about exercising while breathing oxygen. I mean, there’s many different things we can do. We now have people drinking a water product that has in it all, what we call, redox signaling molecules. That includes molecules like ozone, hydrogen peroxide, etc. And so, an amazing thing is going on with me.

I am today sitting remarkably sad that we all bought into the wrong theory and we thought anti-oxidants was the best way to help people. And now it turns out that I’m devoting much of my daily effort to teaching people the power of oxidative therapies.

And ozone, of course, is kind of expensive at the high end, but drinking ASEA water and taking things like silver that is catalyst to oxidation, and breathing oxygen while exercising would all obviously be oxidative. And if I happen to add some time in the far infrared sauna, you begin to get the feeling that I’m really teaching people today that although anti-oxidants have their definite place, we must have balance in what we teach.

So I’m really on a vendetta to change the over-emphasis today that everybody thinks the whole answer is anti-oxidants, because without oxidation you will not get the signal for your intracellular switch to turn on the production of glutathione. Let’s make that simple.
ASEA water is available, proven safe the FDA says it’s totally non-toxic yet it increases intracellular glutathione production by 500%. Which is a cheap way of my helping people have something, because glutathione is another nice way to help deal with the heavy metals and other challenges that our body’s doing.

And it’s so documented that the Olympic Committee had to meet to decide that it’s not illegal doping, because this water so enhances oxygen utilization that athletes are beating their own record. But it’s all, totally legal.

It’s nothing but salt water that’s gone through a process so that what we call redox signaling molecules like ozone, which most people aren’t very familiar with. But they’re going to have to become familiar with, because it’s only with things like silver, and ozone, and using high dose C that I can deal with Ebola, and hepatitis C, and other threats that people are beginning to recognize.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: Wow. Could you, that reference was Sea-o water?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: A-S-E-A. It’s really astonishing. I thought that this was nonsense, and I was a hard one to convert over, but when I finally met Garry Samuelson, who’s a medical nuclear physicist from BYU, and understood what he did with the salt water. Because I’ve been with Robert Rowen, he and I brought International Oxidative Medicine Association to the world.

After I formed ACAM some 40 years ago the American College for Advancement in Medicine to teach chelation. Now I’m teaching oxidative medicine, but we have this problem that people don’t know anything about ozone.

Yet, if you take anybody that’s got hep C or terminal cancer we’re getting dramatic results on these patients because we help the body overcome challenges by having available safe redox signaling molecules, like ozone, that cause the body to turn on amazing switches, so all of the sudden you’re making 500% more intracellular glutathione.

So, glutathione is [something] everybody appreciates. We’ve seen Dr. David Perlmutter if you go on the internet he has an advanced patient with Parkinson’s who’s been with a walker for six, seven years. He cannot say anything understandable and he can’t walk. He puts the glutathione in the patient’s vein, 10 minutes later he walks perfectly up and down without the walker, and he speaks perfectly clear. So glutathione is a pretty good thing.

So I’m just teaching people that we have it all wrong. That only when the body sees a safe signal, like a controlled stable ozone, or a stable peroxide, is the body able to say, oh, I think I better turn on my own intracellular production of things like SOD, catalase, and glutathione. So it’s pretty exciting.

With the field of medicine, I’m quite confident that we will be doing a lot of [in] my life adding things like pulse electromagnetic field, and the use of far infrared saunas. And the whole idea of breathing in oxygen while you’re exercising. I mean, I am having so much fun.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: I can hear that, I was just about to say it sounds like you’re having a lot of fun with all these new therapies.

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: If you told me 10 years ago that when I reached 80 I was going to be in the peak of my health, I would have said that you must really have been nuts.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: So, you mentioned so many different things, I want to clarify a few things. First of all, you mentioned infrared sauna. And this is one modality people use to detoxify by sweating the toxins out through their skin. Is this the reason you’re using it for? Are you using it for a specific toxins? Why are you using infrared specifically?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: The answer to that is that your skin is a great, huge organ. Perhaps the largest organ, unless you want to argue the endothelium is slightly larger. The skin is the major way your body handles certain toxins.

We have documented that we’ve had people that were disabled by chemical exposures, to the point that their brain had been fried; they didn’t know their family’s name. They were on total lifetime disability. We brought them back totally, taking sometimes 8 to 10 hours a day for one, two, or three months of sweating in a far infrared sauna with them coming in and going out and using certain nutritional things.

I can do it far faster today when I had the rest of my knowledge about oxidative medicine. But the principle is there. The Attorney General state of Utah had so many officers that were poisoned when they raided angel dust operations and lost their memory were on permanent disability. So that he’s so happy because he doesn’t have to pay disability the rest of their lifetime because they’re back to full functioning.

But in one case, it took 90 days of supervised far infrared sauna and a total treatment program. I, of course, with a homeopathic background and nutritional background, with a pulse electromagnetic field and the other things I’m telling you about, could get that same result in certainly less than 30 days.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: Okay, okay. So, will infrared sauna chelate, or, it’s not chelation, but detoxify across the board of toxins, or is it specific?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: Yes. The guy who really wrote the book about it is the founder of the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. And so some people call it the Hubbard Tank therapy. And we used it after the 9/11 disaster. And we were able to get some of those workers that had not protected themselves, that were so filled with chemicals they were facing death.

We have a lot of experience with this, but I reluctantly give the knowledge to him. But since he was the founder of a sudo-religion, there’s a lot of people who have not thought to improve his initial protocol. But it was involving constant use of some niacins so your skin as always getting a lot of extra circulation, so you had more blood getting to the skin and other nutrient ideas.

And there’s a lot of refinements in this whole concept available today. I have 4,300 doctors I talk to daily in my forum on anti-aging and chelation therapy. And I’ve spelled out a lot more detail in that, which is free of charge to any health professional, and we’re in 68 countries.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: Great, and I certainly want to put links to a lot of the things you’ve mentioned. Like, the chelation study you mentioned, your protocol, this email list, would be interesting to many people.

Now just to go through some of the other things you mentioned. I think going back, first of all, to the lead, and you mentioned that there’s only one way to establish if you have a high level of lead in your bones. Is that through some x-ray mechanism? I’m guessing this is only used in studies, and it’s not really available for the general population or patients.

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: That’s the unfortunate fact, it’s only available at research level, but, the papers are so solid. You just go to any computer and you put in bone, lead, and health. John Hopkins also has one of these devices.

And so there’s nothing to argue about. It is so clearly well established, and there is the simple fact. You have to understand that National Geographic first did the first issue on Chemicals Within Us. They said open and shut, the way the mother gets rid of lead is just have more babies. Because that’s where the lead is leaving her body and going into the babies.

And so, when we realized that the babies they’re talking about, when you go to Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Dr. Philip Landrigan, he’s the head of the department of pediatrics, he runs the research laboratory for measuring all the toxins in your blood. They charge, when you send him 20 tubes of blood, $4,900.

But he says, why keep sending me blood? No one has ever been able to pass the test. The human population is loaded with polybrominated diphenyl ether. That’s the flame retardant that HBO pointed out in this past year, was complete fraud. It actually makes the house burn faster, it does not protect.

But we’ve sprayed it on every mattress, on every pajama, and on every airplane seat cover. So every human is filled with PBDE. And there is an interesting correlate. Since we’ve been doing the PBDE, I got out of medical school only some 56 years ago, and at that time the average sperm count was 140 million. Today the average sperm count is around if you’re lucky 40 million.

We’ve lost 100 million sperm because everyone is walking around loaded with toxins. That’s one of the reasons we have so many fathers now have twins, because they can’t have babies the old fashioned way, they have to have a fertility specialist.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: So, for the people listening at home, this is going to sound really frightening, all of this, if they haven’t come across the area of toxins before. So, in what ways could they quantify any of these?

What would you suggest for someone who’s maybe concerned with a few symptoms, maybe not serious symptoms, but a few symptoms here and there perhaps you could outline symptoms that should be more of concern? They should think more about these types of things? Lead and these other toxins. Or, the types of tests.

Would you recommend they go, for example, for the urine, the post urine chelation test to establish these kind of markers? Or how would you suggest that they kind of gather some evidence to convince themselves that this is something that they should be working on continuously, as you recommend. So like a daily chelation, or an approach to detoxifying.

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: I think the answer is this: everybody, if they get a really careful health history given to them we’re going to have more and more of these questionnaires available online. When people are honest and admit how many days they have trouble getting running, how often this isn’t working, their memory isn’t up, they have abnormal appetites.

If we look at everything from depression to fingers that have lost feeling, the list is very long, and the cheapest test, of course, was the mineral test on your hair. Because hair didn’t require a doctor, it could be sent to a laboratory. But some laboratories got in that weren’t really up to our speed. So I’m a proponent that they use a laboratory that other doctors use.

Doctor’s Data is the one that purchased Mineral Lab. When I had Mineral Lab we had offices, as I said, in Asia and Europe. So this has been my life’s passion. But any test.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: So at the lowest cost end, you would recommend the hair metals test from Doctor’s Data?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: The hair test. And here’s the rest of the story. If the hair test shows no mercury, no cadmium, no lead, then that means, essentially, that you cannot get rid of them. Because you can’t be living in this planet without being loaded with these metals. So if there’s none in your hair at all, then it means that you have a block in your ability to get rid of them.

And that is really very common in autistic children. It’s so sad, because we have tremendous success in dealing with autistic children, but if the poor doctor doesn’t know that the hair test will not reveal the lead and mercury if there’s a blockage in the body’s ability to excrete heavy metals because hair is nothing other than excretion, just like urine is an excretion. And so if they don’t see it, then they think that they said, Oh, well it must be something else in the way you feed your child.

It’s got to be something else, because always, you cannot escape the heavy metals. And I repeat, if you’re the director of the most advanced toxicology lab available to doctors, at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Dr. Philip Landrigan, his question is, why would you keep sending me anybody’s blood specimen, because it’s not paid for by your insurance, it’s going to cost you $4,900 for us to do it.

And there’s never been anybody he’s ever tested that doesn’t come out with at least 160 chemicals that will induce cancer, or neurotoxin, or endocrine disruption when he measures them. And there is no safe levels, because when you have a little of the polybrominated diphenyl ether and a little DDT, and a little dioxane, all of this is on top of having the lead.

So nobody should think, oh well it’s just a small level. A small level is on top of a small level of something else, on top of a small level of something else. So if the goal is to realize that in our complex society today, I think that it’s terribly important to keep you as sharp as a tack after 65, because I think many people, their first job may not be their ultimate career that they’re meant to be on Earth to do, and many of us don’t know enough until we’re 65 to be a tremendous service to our fellow men.

So I’m a real proponent of course, I have a vested interest in this, as I’m 80. I’m a proponent of life extension.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: That’s great. So one of the other topics you have spoken about during this is taking EDTA via oral chelation versus IV chelation. For many people, when, if they go to local doctors who are specialized in detoxification, often IV chelation is the method they’re probably first going to come across.

I think you recommend more strongly oral chelation with EDTA. Could you talk a little bit about that, and what your thinking is there?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: Well, it is a little complicated. As the founder of this chelation movement, I came up with a name, the American Academy of Medical Preventics, and I wrote the first protocol. And I told every doctor, you can tell me how you’re doing it, but I’m going to take input in. So I wrote the first protocol.

And when I was doing that, I was just thinking today because I had a 16 year old young lady in a hospital in Sacramento out of control, facing death, with juvenile diabetes. And her family had seen the dramatic things that I was doing with IV chelation. And we took her out of the hospital for a few hours each day for me to do IV chelation. And we completely saved her life, and her diabetes went under control.

But we’re not allowed to talk about things like that, because there’s not enough research. Although I just told you that I didn’t know that, some 40 years ago, that that was going to be that effective. Now that we have a 31 million dollar study, we have a lot more knowledge.
So, the sad thing is this. We don’t know until we test the question. Will chelation stop, in this case, the person’s schizophrenia? Will chelation stop this person’s depression? Will chelation stop this person’s cancer?

Obviously, it’s not that simple, because everything that I teach is built around my FIGHT for your health program, where the FIGHT, F-I-G-H-T. F stands for food and positive focus, I stands for infection, G for genetics, H for heavy metals and hormones, and T for toxins. So, with my FIGHT program, the more of the modalities I add to my program, the greater the chance that I’m going to have somebody very happily restored to full health that they’ve never enjoyed.

So most people can’t deal with that multifactorial. They want to assume that if I get all the lead out, that’s all I need to know. But unfortunately they now report that well over 5% of us have some kind of a lesion in our pituitary that is making our endocrine picture more complex.

And so the more you study medicine, the more you’ll find that you can become a super specialist at any aspects of the FIGHT program. You can do like Dr. Servan did as an MD after his brain cancer. He came back shortly after they gave him the chemo, surgery, and radiation that didn’t do him any good. He decided to become knowledgeable about which foods will help cancer not come back. And he was able to make it stay away for 10 years.

So some people do all their thinking about food, but they never ever realize that Harvard publishes the paper that proves that 96% of people, with a simple blood test, actively have cytomegalovirus in your body right now. And all doctors say, gee we think inflammation is bad for you. But not one doctor out of 50 is aware that they, and their patients, are walking around with active CMV.

Why am I making a big deal? Well, because we don’t have a drug for it, the doctor chooses to ignore it. Whereas I live in the world of ozone, and silver, and high dose vitamin C, and other tricks for infection. So I can bring that infection down to a dull roar so that the inflammation is lowered, so that nobody is aging as rapidly in their disease.

So, the more you look, the more you find. And now that we have the ability to do with 23andMe you can do a genetic test for less than 200 dollars. And you can now find out that yes, our genetic pool has changed because some of these toxins have changed the way our body handles methylation. So now you can see the big word epigenetic, which means above genetic.
So, as you get into the medicine that I study, it is fascinating to realize how many doctors go through life and all they learn is hormones. They never learn the heavy metals. They’ve never tested for toxins.

If you told them PBDE is in every one of your patients at astronomical levels, they would ask you, what is PBDE? Polybrominated diphenyl ether is the flame retardant that is in every human being, every mammal, from the Antarctic to the Arctic, in frighteningly high levels.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: So it really comes across that you see today health is a multifactorial battle. Basically a battle ground on many levels, where it’s us versus infections, heavy metals, toxins. And it’s through a protocol like yours, which tries to address each of those, which we’re going to be able to protect our health, improve it, resolve chronic conditions, and promote longevity. Is that a good summation?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: That’s an extremely good summation, yes. Bottom line, everything is multifactorial and if you just attack any one of my FIGHT issues, you’re going to help every patient. But that doesn’t mean you’ve done all you could do, because some of us need to go from the infection control on over to the hormone support.

We have an ability now to stop menopause in all women safely, with the pueraria mirifica plant that grows in Northern Thailand. We have 14 years of research. And a dear friend of my, Christiane Northrup who wrote the book Women’s Wisdom, Women’s Body, is coming out with a new book in February.

And I have been working diligently with the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, and we actually have proof that you will not get broken bones if you take this herb. You will never see dementia in your patient if you give them this herb.

And the reason Dr. Christiane Northrup, who’s head of OBGYN at University of Vermont, the reason she’s so enthusiastic is because during her OBGYN she looks at the vaginal tissues on 74 and 80 year old women, and find they become 15 years younger in less than six months.

So we have so much exciting good things to do for people. That’s why I wanted to get the basics out of the way, and have everybody realize that we are in for some exciting times, where you’re going to live longer and be more productive than you ever dreamed possible. But its part of my job is to start with the basics. And today we’ve really focused more on the kindergarten and first grade level.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: We’re screwed, we have to get in somewhere. So, you’ve spoken a little bit about inflammation there. I’m wondering if there are any markers you look at? There’s the HS-CRP, that’s the reactive protein that people often look at. But do you look at that?

Because for some people like me, mine is very low but I know I in fact have every high inflammation in other areas. So I don’t know how you look at the whole inflammation area, and if you look at that as a kind of marker of general health, or how progress is being made.

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: It is extremely useful. It is only one of many markers. My friend Dr Vishdani is an MDPHD in molecular medicine, and we have at least 10 other tests that often will show inflammation that’s not reveled with C-reactive. So C-reactive is never a waste of time, but if it comes back and it doesn’t look like a big problem, it may have missed a lot of other forms of inflammation that it’s not sensitive enough to reveal.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: Okay, okay. So the other thing you have promoted, you feel very strongly about, is oxidative therapies here. On a previous episode we talked to Christine Burdette of Dunwoody Labs I don’t know if you know her, or of her work.
[Dr. Garry Gordon]: Yes, I have heard, yes indeed.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: Okay, great. Well so she has a certain set of stress markers [51:21 – 51:59 inaudible due to theme song] markers across our body.

Is adding an oxidative therapy, like ozone therapy or some of the others you mentioned earlier, potentially going to push them over the edge? And so is there potentially a balance that has to be made between oxidative versus anti-oxidative?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: Great question. Well the bottom line is this. If you learn fungal bacteria and viral infections are epidemic in men, and only with my oxidative therapies will you keep them at a dull roar because nobody’s immune system is working as effectively as it could or would if you got the lead out. So let’s look at the big picture.

Everybody needs an anti-oxidant and an oxidant, and one doesn’t preclude the other. We have stabilized our ability to offer a product we call one Zeolite Enhanced. And in that product I have a -450 ORP, which means it is a stronger reductant than any anti-oxidant you could buy, but it is stable. And I can give it to you five minutes after I give you the oxidant, which is ASEA water, which is a +850, because it too is stabilized.

So we’re going into an exciting time when you could look at those two things, as we used to say oil and water won’t mix. Now, that turns out, we’re in a sophisticated age that these are merely ammunition, these are energies that your body needs, and they’re fuels. And so my biggest sad thing is that most people are going to take a long time to really get enough oxidative therapies.

I felt so fantastic yesterday because I was using my pulse electromagnetic field, and I was using my silver, and I was drinking a lot of ASEA water, and I was breathing the oxygen while I was exercising on a bicycle. I was doing everything oxidative. And everybody else would sit there and say, well you’ve embellished, you’ve gone too far. No, that was the best day of my life.

So, we have to kind of move it over to say oxidation is good, because we all have been using anti-oxidants, because we get them from many sources.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: Okay, great. You mentioned ORP. What does that stand for?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: Oxidative Reduction Potential. And so the ORP meters that you can buy online for $110. The day will come that I hope to have it, we haven’t worked it out yet, but wouldn’t it be nice if one day I find that I can have a meter and everybody can measure their urine and find out, ooh, boy do I need an oxidant. I mean, I haven’t gotten there yet, but that’s where I’m hoping all this goes.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: Right. So it’s about balance, it sounds like. And so there you were talking about taking two things one oxidative, one non-oxidative and getting that balance by combining Zeolite and the other one.

Then it also seems like you put a lot of emphasis on how you feel, and how people feel in general. Do you believe if someone feels good, or if they’re taking some kind of treatment, or they introduce something new into their life and they’re feeling better, do you think that’s always a good thing?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: I would say it’s just a pretty good guide, but I am, of course, in energy medicine, so I have used Voll, V-O-L-L, electroacupuncture diagnosis by Voll, and they have many companies that sell that kind of equipment. They have simplified it, they call it Zito, and they have different tests.

But bottom line, I have changed lives for 40 years because I knew how to read the energy in your kidney, and I could tell you instantly if the medicine you bought that you’re taking is going to kill you or not. When I first got into this, I didn’t believe that testing could work. I was very skeptical. But my friend was Harvard trained MD in San Francisco was helping my patient and brought the device.

So I finally went ahead and got the device. They brought a child to me that age 18 month was having at least three to four seizures per hour, and had been to UCLA, Stanford, and had been to UCSF. Seen every top pediatric neurologist; nobody could stop the seizures. I stopped the seizures 90% in the first visit.

How did I do that? I took a simple history. Having heard me today, I said to the mom, well you’ve seen all these super specialists, did anybody ask you where did you live when you were pregnant? And nobody ever asked her. She said I lived at home with my folks. I said well what do they do? They’re almond farmers.

I said go home and get the spray they use on the almonds. She bought the spray in, in just a small tiny container. I checked it energetically on the child’s nerve point. It immediately made the nerve point go crazy.

When I balanced it out by thinning it out to one to a million, which we do homeopathically, instantly, the brain was able to start. Just like you can take a person after they get stung by bee, you can give them a very weak bee sting and they find they aren’t sensitive. But I had a home run in the first visit.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: Wow. That’s an incredible story. Well, Dr. Garry Gordon, thank you so much for all this information. It’s pretty overwhelming, I have to say. Because you’ve obviously had a long career, and you’ve added a lot of different practices over time.
I would love to hear a little bit about you, just in terms of how you manage. Since you are nearly 80 and have been doing this for a long time. Are there any biomarkers that you track on a routine basis to monitor health, or longevity, or performance?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: I have tried all of them, because I have tried to formulize the entire process of anti-aging. And so a good friend of mine wrote a book called Biological Aging Measurements 20 years ago, Ward Dean, and the game is going to change dramatically.

So I don’t want to burden your listeners because the costs of tests is dropping rapidly, and we’re getting better biomarkers. The ones we’ve been using have all been useful. But it’s going to change overnight. And so, I’m not going to go down so that they… It’s been a kind of expensive labor of love to do the tests we’ve been doing.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: Right, right. And what do you think is going to change it? I mean, I know there’s new companies coming in with things like blood spot test. And is there anything specifically you see that’s going to change the future of testing, like are there specific companies coming to market? What do you see that’s going to change all of this so rapidly?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: One woman alone says she will be able to devise a machine that with one drop of blood will give you 1,000 tests. So, I’m pretty confident this lady is telling the truth. And then doctors won’t be able to look at 1,000 tests, but computers will weed through it, and help doctors see the pattern that is there.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: Great, thank you very much for that. Just one last question or you. What would be your one biggest recommendation for listeners? If they were to do one thing to improve their health, longevity, and performance, what would it be?

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: I have to go along with James Watson. He was the co-discoverer of the double helix. And he’s telling people, exercise. And of course exercise is the poor man’s oxidative therapy.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: Yeah, I knew you were going to say that. That’s a great answer. Thank you very much. And, thank you so much for your time today.

[Dr. Garry Gordon]: My pleasure.

[Damien Blenkinsopp]: I hope you enjoyed today’s interview. If you’re concerned about lead and other heavy metals, here’s my experience so far as an example. To make this a little bit more practical. You can download my latest heavy metal test from the show notes for today’s episode.

There are two reports. The first is that I did a six hour post-provocation urine test with Doctor’s Data in November of 2014. I used DMSA, dimercaptosuccinic acid, as the chelating provoker agent for that. Lead was one of the three metals to come up higher on my test.
My levels were at 4 micrograms per gram of creatine, with their reference range being to target less than two micrograms per gram of creatine. So, for the more visual of you guys, it’s in the yellow zone. There’s a red zone, a green zone. Do you kind of get the picture?
My other two metals in the yellow zone are arsenic and thallium. Now arsenic most likely came primarily from my high consumption of chicken and rice for many years while living in China and Asia in general.

The thallium, based on the studies I’ve read, it’s a bit more unusual. But it very likely came from food contamination I was exposed to while living in Chengdu, West China, where the pollution has been documented. So, specifically thallium problems have been documented there.

The second test I did was Quicksilver Scientific’s Mercury Speciation test, which requires whole blood, hair, and urine samples. We looked at that test in Episode 13 with Chris Shade, so you can go check that out, if you want more details on it. He’s the guy behind Quicksilver Scientific.

My mercury came back slightly elevated compared to the Quicksilver Average. So, I was between the 50% and 75 percentile. It also shows my natural excretion ability, so my body’s ability to detoxify from the mercury, was slightly depressed. It wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t really bad, but it was just slightly more depressed than usual, so it’s something I can work on.

The test did come back pretty much as I expected though, as I’ve been working on mercury for a while. And so I didn’t expect it to be super high. As you heard in Episode 13, I’ve been doing biological dentistry and other things to lower my mercury levels.

The Quicksilver test provides a lot more detail than the Doctor’s Data test. A couple of other things I learned about these tests along the road is I’ve run the Doctor’s Data urine toxic metal tests while living in different places around the world over the years, as far off as Thailand. So it’s a test that is easily accessible if you’re outside the US. Which can’t be said for all tests; you know, some tests are really complicated to get done if you’re not in the US or maybe Canada.

Due to the blood, Quicksilver is a little more tricky, but most of the time you can just fine a phlebotomy service, or a local lab, that will help you with that part of it. And then you just ship it off to the States.

If you plan to do your own tests, avoid obvious heavy metal contamination the week or so before it so you don’t bias your results. You don’t want to think that you have more metals than you actually do because you’ve just taken in some. So, cutting out things like rice and chicken, for that period, because these generally have some level of arsenic contamination. And then of course, for mercury fish, in particular big fish like tuna and swordfish, which have high mercury levels.

So what have I been doing to lower these heavy metals? Well I’ve been working off and on on detoxifying these for about, just over two years now, with different chelators. Currently I’m taking modified citrus pectin with alginate, in a product called PectaClear. So this is the main chelator.

The reason I’m taking this one is because it doesn’t interfere with other minerals as much as some of the other chelators. So, the idea is that it provokes less detoxification symptoms because it’s a more specific binder, or chelator, to the target heavy metals; in this case, lead, for example. So it avoids creating mineral deficiencies by binding to, say, calcium, zinc or copper.

A comment I want to make on this particular product, PectaClear, and modified citrus pectin in general is that there aren’t a lot of studies on it. And the studies that have been done are mostly from the owner of the PectaClear products. There’s a little bit of conflict there.

However, the functional medicine physician I’m working with recommended this to minimize my symptoms. So I’m trying it out as an experiment. I have gone through some symptoms, such as fatigue and headaches in the past, so I wanted to avoid those.

I’m also using some of Chris Shades products, which we discussed in Episode 13. So I am using Quicksilver Scientific’s IMD intestinal cleanse, which binds specifically to mercury, and the Clear Way Cofactors. They provide detoxification support, basically. To help your natural detoxification system. That also includes his glutathione and vitamin C and alpha Lipioc acid supports, discussed with him in the episode.

I’m looking at this as long and slow process, and not pushing it aggressively to avoid the side effect as much as possible. So, personally, from my experience, if I push it harder and take in larger doses, I get fatigue and headaches, generally. So, I want to avoid those because I like being productive during the day.

Previously, I’ve done runs of EDTA, which is the chelator Dr. Garry Gordon was talking about today in today’s interview. For which there’s a lot of past research support its use, right. So that’s got a lot of studies behind it, if you want to go with the more standard option.

On an on-going basis over the last few years, I’ve also been taking standard alpha lipoic acid. Not the liposomal form from Chris Shade. And selenium in the form of SE-methyl L-selenocysteine. Selenium binds quite well to mercury, so that’s the reason for that. Alpha lipoic acid is a chelator, and selenium has a protective effect, because it binds to the mercury. In fact, selenium is an ingredient of Quicksilver’s Clear Way Cofactors I just mentioned, in the form of selenomethionine.

The forms of selenium do make a difference, so you kind of have to watch out for those. Make sure you’re taking the right ones; some of them can be a bit toxic, especially if you’re taking the higher doses. And you don’t want to take in too high a dose. 200 micrograms per day is the standard.

I’ve also done a run of Prussian Blue recently, which specifically chelates thallium, which is my bit usual metal which I’m carrying there. And the drug name for that, because it’s FDA regulated, is Radiogardase. And it’s often used for radioactive cesium, and radioactive thallium also. Just so that’s why it has that name.

That’s where I’m at. At this point, I’ll probably get retested once every six months to confirm that the chelators I’m using are effective, and everything is going smoothly, and steadily detoxifying myself.

I’d love to hear about your efforts to lower your burden, if you’ve been working on it also. Whether it be mercury, lead, or any of the others, arsenic and so on. Especially if you’ve tracked your progress, or you have some test results already. Let me know on the show comments, or just hit me up an email. I reply to everything.

Detoxification’s going to be something we come back to quite often, because it’s one of the ways we can increase our performance by lowering our burden of these toxins. Some of the ones we haven’t looked at all are like some other metals, but also there’s a wide variety of chemicals and other types of toxins like that, like pesticides and so on, that can affect us. So we’ll be looking at those in some future interviews that I’ve already pre-recorded, and are coming up soon.

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