Hey Quantifiers!

In the desire for full disclosure, I want to say up front that certain products and links to products on this site are affiliate links, and I will earn a commission for any purchases you make. This will not incur additional cost to you.

These typically include links to tracking devices, supplements and lab services.

My goal with TheQuantifiedBody.net is to help educate and inspire you, but please understand that it is a very time consuming and costly project for me. Affiliate commissions help to offset these costs and allow me to dedicate my time to the project.

For the sake of simplicity, you should assume that any links leading you to products or services are affiliate links that I will receive compensation from your purchase. I only recommend those products or services that I truly feel deliver value to you, and that in nearly all cases, are the ones I trust, use or would use myself.

Important Note on Supplements: Where it comes to supplements, I am extremely careful to link to only quality supplements that I trust myself. The supplements industry is not well regulated and as a result many products are low quality, contain contaminants or don’t contain the ingredients they say they do (read this recent New York Times article on government investigations and stats on the issue). I also try to find the best value for money source to purchase these from (I’m as cost conscious as you are!). Often this is iherb or amazon. I research supplements via their certificates of analysis, the experiences and research of experts such as the guests on the show, and a combination of science reviews via subscriptions to Examine.com and lab analysis reports via consumerlab.com and Labdoor.com.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Prepare to improve your body.. and your life!

– Damien