How do I listen to the podcast?

A podcast is an audio recording file uploaded to the web. Listeners can stream the file directly from the internet or download the file and listen at home or on your mobile device.

Subscribe on iTunes

You can subscribe to the Quantified Body directly in iTunes – click here to subscribe on iTunes app.


To subscribe on Stitcher click here.

Stitcher is an alternative mobile and tablet app that some people prefer to iTunes.

Subscribe with RSS

There are many different types of podcast applications you can use to subscribe to and listen to the podcast.

You can use any of these with The Quantified Body Feedburner Feed.


You can listen to each episode of The Quantified Body podcast straight from the website. A web player is embedded at the top of each podcast page.

In the navigation bar above, click on Episodes.

Select a podcast episode. At the top left of the page you’ll see a play button – click it for immediate streaming.


If you would like to download the podcasts simply click the “Download” button at the top right of an episode page.