Below you’ll find a summary of and access to the tracking and data I’ve collected on my body to date (my labs etc.) via The Quantified Body project.

I believe that transparency is essential to us learning to use data effectively to improve our lives by helping us get closer to the truth faster. So I update routinely on this page my results to date, tracking lab changes over time.

Heavy Metal Burden

Micronutrient Status

Protocol Tracking

Over the last year I’ve been running a dry sauna protocol (episode with labs coming soon). Below is the cumulative sweat output during this time from Sauna sessions.

Are there some of my labs or tracking you’d like to see that isn’t here yet? I have so much data, labs and charts that I’ll just be adding reports as they are mentioned in episodes for now.

However, let me know if there’s something you’d like to see and I’ll upload it sooner. Let me know on twitter (@dblenkinsopp) or via the contact area.