Here’s what this show is about…

“The Goals”

  • Health – You may think that your health is great and you don’t need to work here. In my experience, it’s a lot more subtle. We can all improve our health, and thus prevent disease or chronic illness later in life. Rather than being black or white, it is an ongoing graded slope – and we all find ourselves somewhere between perfect health, WHITE, and acute disease, BLACK. The goal is to get the closest to WHITE we can to enjoy life with vitality, 100% symptom free.
  • Performance – cognitive, or physical such as running faster, getting stronger, remembering more, solving problems quicker, making better decisions, managing our emotions and therefore our relationships better.. there are so many areas to explore here – because whatever you want in life, often the state of your biology.. your body, can help you get there if it’s optimized.
  • Longevity – our average life expectancy is around 80 today.. it’s actually 83 if you’re in japan, 81 if you’re in the UK and 79 if you’re in the US. We can do better, and we’re in an era where our knowledge is just starting to really help us to do much better. I’ve always had a target of 100, but I also feel I have so much to do? So much more I’d like to experience and to create and contribute in life? And I feel like I’ve only just started, I’m already 40 and time is short. So living as long as I can is important to me. Maybe you feel the same way.

Here’s the part that makes this show different…

“The Tools & Tactics”

These are the things we’re going to explore that can have a positive impact on our biology.

  • Diets and nutrition: ketogenic diets, paleo diets, increasing vegetable/ fruit intake etc.
  • Supplements and drugs: including everything from vitamins, prescription drugs, and herbal remedies to nootropics and smart drugs – anything that works.
  • Physical programs: like Exercise, sleep and other activities
  • Other treatments: From IV therapies to all the new technologies and other treatments that are increasingly becoming available.

“The Tracking”

What are we Tracking?

  • Biomarkers – the biometrics we’re tracking.
  • We’re looking for the most actionable, most accurate, and most convenient and accessible biomarkers – because those are the ones that will enable us to make better decisions.
  • We’re looking to use them to know when what we’re doing is working, and when not, and to make sure we’re constantly improving our bodies.. and thus our lives.

How Do We Track it?

  • Lab tests – standard and specialists lab tests from blood to stool to urine to brain scans and so on.
  • Devices for tracking including wearable tech and other testing and tracking devices
  • Apps for tracking: ipads, iphones, androids and laptops.. many apps today work with devices, or on their own and can help us to track better.

We’ll also learn about the best practices and strategies for using biomarkers to make decisions. From the scientific method to decision making tools. Whatever helps us to use data to make better decisions.

Ultimately though, tracking is about giving us more control in our lives. More guaranteed results. And eliminating the frustration of not knowing if we’re going the right way, and also limiting the downsides, and maximizing the upsides where it comes to our bodies.

In our search for effective Tools & Tactics on this show we’ll keep an open mind. We’ll consider all options so long as they have data to back them up. And if they don’t have data, we’ll find ways to get data to prove or disprove whether they will work for us.