I’ve coached people over much of my career (whether in business, personal effectiveness, or now biology optimization). This is something I enjoy – seeing people take a shorter – more effective route to results.

Through the Quantified Body I help you to:

  • Strategize an efficient approach to optimizing your biology
  • Setting out a biomarker plan that fits your needs and provides actionable and timely information
  • Reviewing what you’re doing for your fitness and performance and crunching it down to give you a higher return on your efforts – by focusing on the high impact levers (tools or tactics) that will give you the highest return
  • Designing minimalist self-experiments for you with tools, tactics and biomarkers so you can just execute and get data confirming the return is worth your continued efforts

If this is something you believe can help take you forward, reach out to me with a brief outline of your goals and challenges and what type of coaching you’re interested in.

I provide coaching via Skype for $300 an hour. While I love coaching, I’m extremely time constrained due to the number of projects I’m managing, so I do select people who I believe I can help the most – and it will be the most fruitful relationship for both of us.

Reach out to me here: