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Learn how to track the results of what you invest your time in - so you know it's worth the effort.

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A growing collection of minimalist tools that give you the greatest return on the time and money you invest in your body and mind.

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What People Say About The Quantified Body

Very Educational -- 5 stars
This is one of the best podcasts I've come across. Damien is prepared, interviews well, has great guests, and cranks out actionable information.

I'm interested in nutrition, biology and chemistry, but without the graduate school background and have had to self-educate as an adult.

The content is usually right where I want it to be - within the Goldilocks learning range. The information is not entry level and is usually new to me, but not typically beyond my comprehension.

Mr. Y, United States

The Best! -- 5 stars
Finally, a podcast that doesn't simply repeat the same introductory material you've read a thousand times.

Damien produces episodes that are packed with relevant, useful, comprehensive information on all things keto, longevity, and self-hacking as well as the emerging ideas that relate them.

Damien, very knowledgeable himself, skilfully showcases his guests by asking questions that draw out the most interesting, relevant, personally applicable and exciting findings and trends his guests have to offer.

The podcasts are well documented with links, external references and transcripts.

Pomo, United States
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